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Nearly 33 years serving the sector with experience, financial infrastructure, technical staff and administrative departments with own principles of international norms and also one of the most important Electric Motor production business in our region.

AEMOT is one of Turkey’s most important manufacturers of electric motors, which has become a specialitst in the filed of electric motors. The production of the company is in Aksaray on 28.000 m2 closed area, Electric motors from type 63 to 315 body size, between 0.12 kW-200 kW power ratings, 2-4-6-8-10-12 oole AC three-phase electirc motors are manufactured.

In line with customer demandfs, special electirc motors weith mechanical and electrical measurements as well as a wide rande of Standard product types are manufactured.

Havind TS EN 60034-1, CE, ISO 9001: 2009 Quality System Certifacate and cerified by the TSE AEMOT motors are used in various industries in the country. The are used in all industrial products, custom manufacuted millin machines, cranes, CNC machines, air and water pomps, gearbox, burners, air conditioning systems and compressors which need action and thus adres many important manufacturing and industrial sectgors such as mining, marble, feed, mill, tectile, ventilation, wood, food, packaging, heating and cooling, contruction and so on.

Looking back, established in 1983, starded the production process through patent agreement made with Siemens Company, its potential to manufacture products of gidh quelity formed a significant ground for the company to create and expand a portfolio for AEMOT brand at home and abroad.

Today, incorporating AEMO Motors, Altuntaş Group continues its activities with the AEMOT brand in full capacity. AEMOT Motors has a policy of existence in the industry policy under three main headins;

  • Excelent quality of product and service with trained and expoerienced staff
  • Integration with technology and innovation
  • Timely and accurate delivery

With these features, AEMOT products are domestically within the reach of many points, through authorized dealers and re exported in significant numbers to mainlu in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and other European contries as well as the Middle East and African countries.

AEMOT conducts production and servies focused strictyl on the principle of “quality and customer satisfaction” in al stafes. AEMOT’s principle is to be an enterprise with the qualification of “responsible industrialist”. Investment in human, flexible and dynamic structure raises customer satisfaction through outstanding products and service.